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Trade in your Bingo Points for Prizes Here. 

Due to major server, computer & bingo Hacks.. this area has been on hold and is set to reopen mid July 2007.  You STILL have all your points and will be able to redeem in full.

Make SURE you read the rules and fill out the form completely or you won't be able to claim/receive your prize.

1. You can only exchange your own points for prizes sent to you.  You cannot use your points to send someone else a prize and cannot share bingo points with another member.
2. Your points will be deducted from your Bingo account within 14 days from your prize claim. DO NOT RESUBMIT YOUR CLAIM FOR A PRIZE.  There may be times due to volume that it takes longer to deducts your points.

3.  Some prizes are mailed directly from the sponsor, DameGames it NOT held responsible for a prize that is not received.
4. Prizes are shipped typically 2 - 6 weeks after redeeming your points.   Prizes to Canada may take longer to ship. We will NOT reship a prize due to a bad address provided or due to no pick up of package of prize.
5. You must have a minimum of 45,000 points accumulated before you are able to redeem any points. (very easy to get to this number) Do not redeem your points for prizes until you have 45,000 as you won't receive the prize.
6. Prizes will only be shipped to the United States AND Canada.
7. Rules, prizes and points needed to redeem prizes can change at any time.   It is YOUR responsibility to keep up to date with the rules.
8. You must fill out a form for EACH prize you are redeeming points for.
9. Make sure you fill out the form correctly, with correct user name etc.  If all information is not filled out correctly, your request will be deleted.  No exceptions.
10.  Specific prizes selected are NOT guaranteed.  Some sponsors only allow so many prizes per month.  If all prizes from a sponsor are given for that month, DameGames will choose an alternate prize of the same point value to send.

Our prizes are changing often and we are adding more and more prizes each month, to offer a wide range of choices.  We thank our sponsors for all the great gifts they are offering you.

Click here to fill out the form to redeem your points:

*Prizes are offered by the above companies and mailed from them.  DameGames holds no responsibility if prizes are not sent out.  We have contracted with these companies in good fait that they are offering prizes in exchange for advertising on DameGames. Remember these are prizes.... and the chance to win them is of NO COST to you.  Winners are chosen at random from people who play our FREE games.


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