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At you can win part of our great prize pool.  Every month we give away tons of Grab Bags in the Scratch-N-Win area AND....our Main Games area also has random winners with a variety of contests that can happen.  So why wouldn't you want to make your new "home" for playing games on the web.

AND you will soon again be able to trade in your points for prizes and cash by playing the Bingo!   If you are a Bingo Player, wanting to cash in your points - click here to do so.

Why keep playing at the big sites with hundreds of thousands of members??? Your odds of getting a prize are great by playing at - we're just for women only AND everyone has many chances to win... you don't have to get the "high score" or have the "most points" to win like you do at other sites. 

What can you win?  Lots of great things!  Anything from books and cds's to cash, beauty & spa products, kid stuff, craft items, samples, housewares and more!

Our prizes will be changing often - so be sure to check back to see what's new! 

Now... go play the games and have fun!

*Prizes are offered by the above companies and mailed from them.  DameGames holds no responsibility if prizes are not sent out.  We have contracted with these companies in good fait that they are offering prizes in exchange for advertising on DameGames. Remember these are prizes.... and the chance to win them is of NO COST to you.  Winners are chosen at random from people who play our FREE games.



We enter you into 1000's of sweepstakes. Stop filling out forms yourself.

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